Wedding bling (rings!) Rocks Jewellers.

Engagement rings and wedding bands are one of the bigger single purchases made for the ‘big day’. Things like budget, style, quality, uniqueness all come into consideration. Louise’s engagement ring was made bespoke by Michael in Rocks, it was designed by Louise’s husband (brownie points). It’s a beautiful 3 diamond set ring. My ring is… Continue reading Wedding bling (rings!) Rocks Jewellers.

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My first year as a Mother….. What I learned

This week WaterWipes sent me some information that said that this is the birth peak week in Ireland. It made me consider that in a little over a few weeks that my own little man will be blowing out his first birthday candles. This brings up so many emotions, mainly one of complete disbelief that… Continue reading My first year as a Mother….. What I learned

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Baby Shopping: My Top Baby Products

A little while ago on Instastories I went through my favourite baby products so far, I narrowed it down to 5 with one or two honourable mentions. I’ve decided to do a post on them to have them all together.Β  Each of them I’ve been using over the last few months so they truly are… Continue reading Baby Shopping: My Top Baby Products