About us

The Beginning…

imageHello Everyone!

Welcome to our first blog post. This was a long time coming, but its better late than never.

We decided that this post would be a little about us and how Two Broke Divas started.

Firstly, we are both teachers, we met 6 or 7 years ago working in the same school. Louise is a Science Teacher and I am now a Primary School Teacher. We met when I was working as an SNA (special needs assistant) in our old school. Four years ago I went to Brighton to do a Postgrad in Education, then I moved to just outside London and worked as a 6th class teacher for a year. When I came home I was really lucky to pick up a teaching job straight away. Louise has since left the school we both worked in, moved closer to home, and got herself a husband! So many changes in so little time. Our home counties are Lovely Laois and Leitrim, so as you can imagine, our whatsapps to each other are pretty 24/7 🙂

We clicked straight away, mostly because we have the same sense of humour and enjoy the same type of craic and divilment. Both of us loving beauty and fashion was just an added bonus.

Two Broke Divas was born on a rainy day last year, July 26th. We were both on our summer holidays and completely on a whim, decided to set up an Instagram page together. It took off pretty quickly,every time we got a new follower, the more motivated we were to keep it going. It was a bit of fun, and is still fun, but I guess we’re taking it a little more seriously these days.

We wanted and still want our page to be relatable and accessible to every Irish (or any!) lady, regardless of budget. We feature Penneys as much as we do boutiques, and plan on always keeping it this way. Our love for makeup also comes across on our page, we are MAC fanatics but like to experiment with other brands – this is when you’ll see beauty reviews, whether we love it or hate it – we’ll let you know! As for lifestyle – if we’re doing something exciting or interesting we post about it – but to be fair – this isn’t very often. Full time jobs don’t leave much time for fun and frolics mid week!

In the past few months we’ve started a Facebook and Snapchat, but our love will always be for Instagram!

We really hope you enjoy our social media pages, and now this blog. I guess a blog will help you to get to know ‘us’ better. The two culchies with notions!


Best Friends First, Blogging Partners Second. 

Aoife and Louise xx



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