Planning your wardrobe for work can be pretty stressful! There are so many variables to consider, where you work, what your role is, if you have a workwear policy etc. The list is pretty endless.
We’ve put together a few looks which are mostly from Dorothy Perkins and can all be found online

Everything is pretty easy to find online but if you need help with any of the products – just drop us a line!

Tan strappy shoe: Shop Here

White dress: Shop here

Rose gold watch: Shop here

Jeans: Shop here

Peg leg trousers: Shop here

Navy blazer: Shop here

Navy trousers: Shop here

Heart shirt: Shop here

Sleeveless white shirt: Shop here

Black trousers: Shop here

Nude shoes: Shop here

Black shoes: Shop here

Yellow top:

Peter Pan collar dress:

Shop on Asos Yumi Polka Dot Skater dress




And finally, this dress is River Island and comes in grey and yellow too.

Shop here

The most important thing with workwear is to be comfortable. Nothing worse than a long day feeling restricted.

In saying that though, no matter how comfortable the clothes are, I’m still in to my pjs straight away when I get home!
Aoife xx

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