Bellamianta Tan: Review

I’ve been using the same tan for the past 5/6 years and have been really happy with it so wasn’t looking to make any changes.  After a trip to the local pharmacy and a complete impulse buy I ended up buying their last bellamianta mousse and mitt.  I was really intrigued by the tan I had heard so much about and dubious about a mitt that cost twice as much as the one I normally buy!


One of the things I had heard about their mousse was that it is extremely dark and being naturally milky white in complexion I didn’t want to look ridiculously brown but at the same time I do like a nice deep colour, there’s a fine line!

The first time I tried it I only applied a very small amount of product and I ended up with a lovely light tan colour. The second time feeling more confident about the product and also because I was going to a wedding I applied more product, one heavier layer to my upper half and two layers to my legs.  The following morning I showered and did loose a nice bit of tan down the drain.  I was left with a really nice colour on my top half but did need to apply a second layer to my legs.


Now for the mitt. I’ve been converted, its amazing! It allows the tan to be spread evenly and I found doing my hands and feet with this so much easier than my previous mitt.  Yes it is a little more expensive than the usual mitt but I also see it lasting so much longer than the other mitts so it should even out cost wise!


So to summarize here’s my pros and cons of the tan


Really nice colour that is buildable

Easy to Apply

Little – No smell

Dries in very quickly

No greasy feeling


Lost a lot in the shower

Drying on the skin

Sold out everywhere!!

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