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Our Top 5 Irish Snapchat Accounts to Follow 

We love Snapchat. But because we’re divas, we have certain criteria:

1. They must make us laugh

2. Show us lovely new beauty products and fashion finds

3. Educate us (about anything, knowledge is power).

Three of the five Snapchat accounts are ladies who are journalists, so if you’re reading this – please don’t judge our writing skills 🤗😂
1. Aislingmkeenan

The ultimate Snapchat account. I don’t think I’ve ever skipped a story of Aisling’s. You’ll laugh, you’ll agree, you’ll question yourself, you’ll buy a hape of new products and you’ll laugh some more! Aisling works for Xpóse Magazine in Ireland so is at the forefront in all things beauty and fashion. A Beyoncè superfan. Aisling is very ‘real’,  if you follow her you’ll definitely be able to relate to her, it’s 90% gas craic, 10% bad buzz, Aisling verbalises some issues we all experience, the latest being exercise, which makes us feel like we’re normal. And not mad. We like that. Basically she’s an all round lovely girl (we haven’t actually met her, but if Snapchat is anything to go by, she’s A1!)

The next 4 are in no particular order, we love them all!

2. Tara_makeup

Tara is getting funnier by the week. Her wedding is in 11 days and we’re nearly as excited for it as she is! (Exaggeration maybe, but we can’t wait for a goo). Tara’s Snapchat consists of makeup tutorials, beauty reviews, OOTD, clean eating and her two gorgeous little dogs, Ruby and Teddy.

3. Rosemarymaccabe

Rosemary is a freelance journalist. She has no filter and we love it. Anything could come out of her mouth, and it’s refreshing. If you’re on a gym and healthy eating buzz, enjoy a bit of craic, love dogs and coffee, like to keep up to speed on current topical issues, a promoter of Feminism, well then you’re on to a winner if you follow this account.

4. Theskinnerd

Jennifer works for Image Skincare and is a self confessed Skin Nerd. She has a plethora of knowledge to share about skin health, she is so up to date on all things skin. . Acne? Pores? Peels? Needling? Supplements? Anything you need to know is all on the Skinnerd account. A definite must follow.

5. Cunninghamlaura

Another journalist, this time it’s Confetti Magazine that takes the honours. Laura is also owner of the online party shop Hippenings. Laura has a busy life, hectic, we do be tired just looking at her! But she does it all with humour, she makes us laugh, a lot. You’ll see various snapshots of her day: those scary dark work stairs (you’ll see when you follow), Hippenings gear, An Post being assholes, the dreaded print week and so forth.  We love Laura’s ramblings, she’s very passionate and articulate, she makes really interesting points on a range of topical (and not so topical) issues in Ireland. We really like her go get them attitude, she keeps us inspired. Laura’s pet- Mark the cat is also amazing and if we had our way he’d have his own snapchat! Basically, everything you want all in one place.


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