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MAC Burgundy Times Nine

Last week we went through this little palette on Snapchat, and it was the most screenshot product we’ve ever featured. So here it is for all you non Snapchatters.


It’s MAC ‘Burgundy Times Nine’. It contains 9 MAC shadows that are a third of the size of a full shadow. The colours are 1. Honey Lust 2. Poppyseed 3. Quarry 4. Antiqued 5. Embark 6. Noir 7. Haux 8. Star Violet 9. Sketch. 4 mattes, 5 shimmers.


There is a great mixtures of colours, so you can create a range of different eyeshadow looks. The top layer is quite subtle and neutral, the middle giving a lovely gold, brown smokey eye and the third row has pinky cranberry shades. This palette suits all eye colours because of the mixture of times.

All the colours are very soft and blendable in consistency and are perfectly pigmented.


This is a perfect little palette if you aren’t a makeup artist (due to the size of the shadows), and if you don’t do your eye makeup everyday (like me). I only do my eye makeup if I’m going out or going somewhere nice. It’ll will last you ages.



This palette comes everywhere with me, and I couldn’t recommend it enough. It’s €40.



A xx

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