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Baby Shopping: Where I went

Before I even begin this post I want to make it really clear that this is not an ad, I just had such a positive experience that I thought other mothers to be might appreciate the recommendation

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Being totally new to babies (its being over 20 years since my youngest brother was a baby) I had no idea what we would/will need or where to even begin. It’s an intimating world out there with so many different products and brands to choose from…buggaboo, joolz, ibaby, mamas and papas to name but a few and with none ofbeing  particularly cheap, finding a store that would give the right advice was so important.


After hearing the name Bella Baby on Bloggers like Just Jordans page, I had a quick look online and noticed they offered a personal shopping service…….just what we needed!


After our first meeting we knew they were the store that we would like to deal with for a number of reasons … 

1.Their Staff

Having been to both the Galway store and Dundrum store, I can safely say they are the nicest shop assistants I have met.  But what is even more important is that they were so knowledgeable, they know what you need and the ins and outs of how everything works! I did take a wander into one or two other baby stores just to compare stock and prices (needed to be savvy), on one of these occasions the lady couldn’t figure out how to open the buggy…. needless to say it didn’t give me any confidence in the buggy or what information I was being given…

The girls in Bella Baby are also so patient, none of my trips to their stores were particularly short, spending over an hour on both occassions, but I never felt like I was being rushed or taking up too much of their time. They also answered all my questions, of which there were many, with the same professionalism no matter how silly and ridiculous I now know they were!

I also really appreciated their honestly, I could have been sold the sun, moon and stars if they had told me I needed them but they steered me away from products that I wouldn’t need for while and focused me on the important stuff I’d need straight away. Not a bad trait in a shop!

2.  Price Promise

I’d like to think I’m a sensible buyer (although my bank account and husband could probably disagree with that) but I did some research on the price of some of the larger items I was intending to purchase, even having a sneaky look up North but to be fair Bella Babys prices can compete really well with the rest of them.

3. Payment

To make thing easy, you can create an account and put all your items on it.  This was handy for two reasons…..

One…. I didn’t feel like I was paying out a massive amount of money all at once.  Image result for new baby present cartoon


Two….family and friends who want to buy you a baby present can call them up and pay off some of your account. (now thats a useful present)



Another major plus is that if some of the items you have added to you account goes into sale, you can simply ring them up and mention this to them and the item will be reduced. I know that plenty of stores would have a very different attitude and a tough luck response would be quickly given to you!

Check out their store here:


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