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Hospital Bag….What you really need to bring and what you need at home!!

So the time has come for me to pack my maternity bag again.  Last time I packed I asked our followers for some tips on what I might need.  At the time a lot of our followers then asked me to share these tips. I’ve decided to put these tips together along with a few bits that I’ve learned myself.

I’m not going to do an exhaustive list, including the most obvious bits such as pjs and shampoo, but this post will include some tips and extra things you might not think of including in your bag and what you should have at home.

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Separate labour bag: I had a smaller bag for the labour ward, which had PJs for me, phone charger, babys first outfit, a nappy etc. It just made things easier for Dad to find, hes flustered enough at that stage so make things simple for him!! In the bag I also had some coins for the car park in it, you definitely don’t want a clamp ruining the joy of babys arrival.

Cold cloth: For obvious reasons it gets pretty hot in the labour room and windows are kept firmly shut, you don’t want you little baby getting a shock arriving into a cold room. So I found having a cold cloth quite handy to wipe your brow (#diva) and it makes himself feel useful!!

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Babys Clothes: These a a few little bits that I learned with Tadgh, others might disagree but these just made dressing him a little easier for me.

Firstly I found that short sleeve vests are so much easier for dressing baby.  I had actually bought some long sleeve ones but when you’re putting on a baby gro over the long sleeve it can tend bunch up so its just easier to keep the vest to a short sleeve.

Secondly I had bought and also received some really cute baby gros that you had to pull over babys head and had no buttons down the front or back.  So this time round I’ve made sure to make sure and pack only ones with the buttons down the front, just means I can flatten it out and lie baby on top.

Pop babys first outfit and going home outfit into separate zip lock bags,  I had put other outfits into ziplock bags too but found that I might have just needed a vest or a baby gro, so this was a waste.

Babys Nappy Bag:  I washed all babys clothes in non-bio detergent so as not to irritate babys sensitive skin.  After being so cautious to do this I didn’t want to use any wipes that might also cause irritation or be harsh so made included waterwipes, as these are just made from water and fruit juice

The following tip I got from a friend who is a midwife. The first poo, the meconium, your baby produces is black and very sticky. Pop some vaseline on your newborns bottom when putting on their first nappy and it’ll make taking off the sticky substance much easier!

A cot sheet: The sheets provided by the hospital are not the nicest, they are the disposal kind so bring a little cot sheet with you. The one you will use in your pram should be an ideal size.

A pillow from home: This is one of the things I regretted not bringing. The pillows in the ward were rubbery and therefore really hot and sweaty which made sleeping really difficult! Bring your own pillow for a little more comfort!

Plastic bag for used clothes: Super handy to have either to keep your fresh clothes from your used clothes or to simple send a bag of used clothes home with your other half!

Shower cap: You may not have the energy or to be honest the interest in washing your hair for your first shower so have a shower cap handy

Flip flops: For obvious reasons…..your baby is the only thing you want to bring home with you!!

BB cream (and maybe some blusher): Not everyone will be bothered with this but sometimes a little makeup can make us all feel a little better and it helps for the photos!!! I love note cosmetics bb cream myself!

Cheap Dark Cotton Underwear: A lot of lists recommend bringing disposable underwear but Disposable Underwear + Maternity Pad = Disaster. Just buy the multipack of cheap briefs instead and dispose of them!!

At Home

The first two items were recommended by a follower and I in turn highly recommend them

New Pjamas: Leave a set of new pjs ready for when you come home because there is nothing like new pajamas is there?!

Clean Bedsheets: Ask your other half to have a fresh clean set of bedsheets on your bed for your first night home because after new pjs there is nothing like freshly washed bedsheets!!

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Tea Tree oil: A few drops of this in your bath acts as an antiseptic and helps with the healing process

Witch hazel: This can help sooth and heal

Arnica Tablets: They are good for any brusing you may have (sorry 🙈)

I really hope this helps and best of luck to all the Mammys to be out there

Louise xx