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Baby Shopping: My Top Baby Products

A little while ago on Instastories I went through my favourite baby products so far, I narrowed it down to 5 with one or two honourable mentions. I’ve decided to do a post on them to have them all together.  Each of them I’ve been using over the last few months so they truly are tried and tested. They are in no particular order and you can find a link to where I purchased each on on the headings.


1. Stokke Tripp Trapp

I had looked at this when we were making our initial purchases however the lady in the store said that a lot of people don’t bother with the baby seat part and start using it as a highchair. However after using his bouncer for a little while, I realized that I had to have the Tripp Trapp for a few reasons. Firstly I like that when I’m in the kitchen, Tadgh is at my height so its much easier for me to chat with him. Hes also a nosy little man and loves that he can see around better, he can sit in at the table with us when we are having dinner and also just because he is really happy in it!!



  • It has longevity, it can be used for years, attachments can be bought to use as a high chair and then can be removed to be used as a tall chair for a toddler.
  • Really sturdy
  • The chair cover is removable and washable
  • Comes in a variety of colours, we chose the hazy gray colour.
  • Any toys with a ring attachment can be used with it


  • Expensive
  • It can’t be folded away (that I know of)
  • Baby can get hot after some time in baby chair

2. Pacapod Changing bag

When choosing my changing bag I wanted something that was practical yet stylish, this bag from is exactly that! As well as the main bag it also comes with two small bags, called pods, one for feeding and one for changing which fit into the side pocket. As well as space for all your changing essentials, the changing bag contains a changing mat and bag for a spare set of clothes.



  • Stylish
  • Pods are handy to bring on their own
  • Comes with some accessories such as changing mat, bottle warmers and bag for dirty clothes




  • When you put the pods in the side pocket it can limits the use of the main bag as the size is restricted
  • The side pocket extends underneath the bag, I discovered this when I managed to find 3 sets of house keys which I thought I had lost one day

3. Chicco Next to me Dream

For me picking between a moses basket and a crib was easy, I felt that the crib would last a lot longer although the moses basket was so cute. I was lucky that Chicco had just brought out a new next to me with some features that I really wanted, in particular the rocker (I just remember that my brother had to be rocked to sleep when he was a baby).  There is an option to lower the side of the crib and attach it to your bed too but we just never bothered with this


  • Wheels, these were handy when I was moving the crib to the kitchen during the day and down to the bedroom at night when he was a newborn
  • Lightweight
  • Rocker, this is still helpful when Tadgh needs a little help going to sleep or if he wakes during the night.  It only requires the slightest touch to work too.

  • Spacious, from a  newborn Tadgh loved to stretch out his arms when he slept and this offered him the space to do that
  • Airy, Tadgh can move a bit in his sleep and often ended up right up again the side so the mesh sides meant it was still breathable



  • Each ends can be lifted and lowered, so if you’re baby has reflux you can have the mattress on a slant.  This can be done on both sides.


  • The crib needs to be lifted if you want to change it to the wheels or to the rocker.  This is only a minor problem if  you forget to do it before you put baby in the crib, as it can be a little heavy when they are in it. (Im picking holes here)
  • Sheets can be a little rough at first but after a few washes they soften
  • Fabric on the edge of the crib catches dust easily

4. Foam Bath Support

Bathing baby was one of the more nerve wrecking things starting off, they’re just so slippy!! We got a small baby bath, it cost less than €10, but as it was plastic it didn’t make my slippy issue any less.  I found this foam fish support in boots and it was and still is so handy, we now use it in the main bath.   It just gives a little more of grip and prevents baby from sliding on the bottom and is a little more comfortable for them in the bath. Just a word of warning make sure that you put it in after you have filled the bath and is at the correct temperature.The foam could hold onto a pocket of very hot water, we almost got caught!



  • Fits into baby bath and can be used in main bath
  • Cheap


  • Really a stretch finding a negative here, with a push I would say they absorb a lot of water and needs some time to dry out

5. Fisher Price Play mat

There are so many playmats out there and they vary in price from €20 to €100, I decided to go with something in the middle price bracket.  There are also some really pretty ones in lovely grey tones which I was tempted by, but after reading up a little I found out babies see in Black and White at first and then primary colours are easier to distinguish and are more appealing to them.  I chose this Fisher Price one as it had a music element to it, the bird which sits on top plays different music either continuously or when baby moves or pulls on one of the toys, its up to you which you pick! Tadgh has had hours of fun on his mat and has yet to get bored of it



  • You can set the music to play when baby moves or pulls, which encourages movement and also continuous music would wreck my head!! The bird also has lights on his beak
  • The musical bird on top is detachable and I have been told by a few followers who have older kids that they still  enjoy the bird

  • Washable mat
  • The top is removable and the mat can be used for tummy time
  • Mirror can be detached and put on the mat for use during tummy time



  • The toys aren’t amazing (although Tadgh seems to enjoy them) I added some myself which I had got of friends but some of our followers said they can be got in Tiger Stores20180310_1055051.jpg

Highly Commended

Lamaze Firefly

Not much to say about this except he loves it. The black and white on the back of the wings are appealing to when baby is very young, Tadgh is now beginning to enjoy all the different textures



This is amazing, so amazing that I want them to bring out an adult version! Tadgh slept so soundly in it and was so comfortable.  I also found it really handy for bringing over to my parents when we were visiting.  It can also be used in the crib if baby is a little small for it




  • Comfortable for baby
  • Lightweight and easy to transport
  • Cover is detachable and washable


  • It is supposed to last up to 4 months, however Tadgh grew quite quickly and grew out of it at just over 2 months.  Just disappointing he couldn’t enjoy it for longer


I really hope you find this post helpful,

Happy Shopping

Louise xx




4 thoughts on “Baby Shopping: My Top Baby Products

  1. Spot on!! Would have recommended the exact same. On 2nd baby now though and the next2me dream wasn’t out so I have the old one. Slightly jealous of the rocking feature!! One word of warning, be careful when storing the play mat. If the plastic arches get even slightly bent out of shape they won’t stand up correctly. Also an alternative to the pods is the babycase from ulluv(based in Tralee). You can pop it into a large handbag and it holds everything you need.


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