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Waterwipes #AParentIsBorn

When I was contacted by Waterwipes I can’t describe how delighted I was that a brand which I hold in such high regard wanted to work with us. There was never going to be any other answer except an overwhelming YES! Sure I already have a pile of them in the hot press!!


Preparing for the arrival of our little bundle, one recommendation that kept popping up was the importance of washing your babies clothes with powder made for sensitive skin. So why when I was taking such care with his clothes should I not take the same precaution with the wipes in contact with his skin? When I read that waterwipes are the only wipe approved by Allergy UK and it contains only two ingredients, water and fruit juice, I was sold!

I developed a deeper respect for them when I read about their vision for their new campaign, wanting to make a stand against perfect parenting. Too often a vision is created of a mother perfectly put together out for a walk or playing with her smiling baby. Nobody ever shows an image of a mother grimacing as her crying baby pulls a handful of her hair out.

For me, their TV advertisement, showing a woman diving into the sea is a very fitting analogy for parenthood. No doubt how experienced of a swimmer or mother that is standing there, there will be a certain fear before they jump. In a split second, everything will have changed and you are enveloped in a whole new world.

Dear Mammy to be, First Time Mammy or Long time Mammy,

I don’t know if I qualify to give advice to you, I am still only 17 weeks into parenthood and still have so much to learn. In fact I feel you can probably teach me more. But what I do hope to do in writing this is give you a sense of ‘you’re not the only one’ or ‘its ok if we aren’t perfect’.

I see from Waterwipes research that 30% of us mothers say the biggest pressure comes from ourselves, I’m not sure what the remainder is made up of but I imagine its social media. There are so many images and posts out there depicting perfect parent moments and gushing over it all. I hold my hand up and say I too like those picture perfect photos (if I could get my husband to take them) but it’s just not like that, not all the time anyway!! The reality is I’m sitting at home writing this in a pair of dodgy old tracksuit bottoms with my hair in a knot on the top of my head and with a sick stain on my jumper! However this doesn’t matter to Tadgh, he only cares that I feed him, play with him and cuddle him.

One of the phrases I heard quite often before I had Tadgh and since then is “You’ll never want to leave him” I developed a sense of not being a good mother because I was quite happy to leave him for a night with my parents.,(this would be different if I wasn’t leaving him with them) I value that time when I can get dressed up, put on some makeup and have some time doing the things that I enjoyed before my little man came along. That doesn’t mean I don’t love him any less or I’m a bad mother, it just means that there’s a Happy Baby because there’s a Happy Mammy!

One of the greatest pressures I felt is how you are going to feed you baby whether that was direct or indirectly. As a science teacher and having read up quite a bit beforehand, I understood completely the value of breast milk. However my little boy was tongue tied when he was born, so breast feeding didn’t work out and onto the bottle he went. I did feel a guilt that it wasn’t going to be as good and maybe I could have done better helping him latch but 17 weeks later I’m looking at a chubby happy baby that rolled onto his tummy for the first time last week. So although breast is best, we ain’t doing too bad on the bottle.

I know from talking to friends who have babies a similar age, I’m pretty lucky with our boy, He’s a pretty chilled out character so I can’t talk about the stress of a baby crying uncontrollably but that’s not to say he has his moments. In those moments of tears and cries, particularly in the early days I didn’t know what they meant. I was told ‘you’ll know the different cries’ which only made things worse because I didn’t and it made me feel inadequate. However over the weeks I began to learn and know that he is hungry or has a pain. This took time though and when I think back to the weeks before, of frustration at myself all I needed was a little patience.

But all those times of frustration, anxiousness, tiredness, vaccinations and dirty nappies is wiped away with one smile, a giggle or a cuddle from your little bundle, they make it all worthwhile.

IMG_1449 (3)

So remember to relax, you will do or you are doing a great job. And even if you think others are judging you, YOU are the only one who can give the kind of love a mother can!


For me Waterwipes is the Pure of nature for the pure of heart.

I usually don’t do these personal blog posts so let me know what you think and I’d love if you might leave comment on our instagram with your non-perfect parent moment 💖

Louise xx

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