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My Pushchair, The Joolz Geo: My review

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, purchases we made before Tadgh was born was our travel system.

We decided to go to Bella Baby in Galway and as soon as I walked in the door the Joolz caught my eye. I did have to stop myself and say I had to be practical about this decision, for once in my life, and not be swayed by looks. The girls asked me a number of questions about the roads we would be on etc and then recommended the most suitable buggy. I was delighted that the Joolz was one of them! So after five months of use I feel I can do a proper review of it.


  • Stylish. I understand this is not the most important but its nice when you spend so much on something that you like the look of it!
  • Solid. some others I tried just didn’t feel as solid and I wanted a robust buggy
  • Suitable for all terrain. I live in the country, I’m talking grass in the middle of the road country, and I’ve had no problems pushing it at any times. And yes its even been on the farm!!
  • Doesn’t puncture. The wheels are solid so they don’t puncture, my cousin was telling me about her buggy puncturing when she was out for a walk so I wanted to avoid any chance of that happening
  • Really simple to fold up. Two clicks of a button to separate the top from the bottom and then just two more to fold it up….simple!!
  • Straightforward to change from newborn pram to baby seat. The same frame is used and you simply zip of the pram and zip on the baby seat
  • Easy to manouever.
  • Large size basket in the base. I didn’t see the value when I was purchasing it. But if you follow us on instastories you’ll know I’ve carried everything from Zara boxes to dinners from my Mammy in it!! That’s while also fitting my changing bag in it
  • Comes in a variety of colours. We chose the hippo grey with the tan accent.
  • Three positions for baby, from lying flat to straight
  • Adjustable handlebar height.
  • Accessories available, we recently bought a footmuff which is so lovely and cosy as well as being rain proof


  • Expensive. I won’t lie, it definitely wasn’t the cheapest buggy in the shop but we paid it off in installments so it didn’t seem as bad!
  • Heavy. I find it a little heavy to lift into boot
  • Takes up a lot of space in the boot


I suppose the most important question is would I change it if I had a chance and the answer would be No, I love it!!

Hope you find this review useful

Louise xx


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