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Keeping Baby Cool 🌞

Being a red head the sun has never been kind to me, I turn red almost at the mere sight of the sun and don’t even mention the tiredness so I have always been super careful of protecting my skin. This years heatwave has been a little different to deal with as its not just myself I’ve to look out for, I’ve had to learn the best ways to keep a 7 month old cool and safe from the suns rays.

Although I knew the importance of this, it was really driven home to me when one night I was watching first dates and the guy on the date was explaining how his skin turns fushia at the drop of a hat ever since he got sunburnt when he was 6 months old (His Aunt had put aftersun on by accident) .  I couldn’t believe how 30 years later he was still having effects so this made be even more cautious. IMG_1249

Therefore I was so delighted when Waterwipes got in contact with me to do a post on baby skincare tips as it really is so important,  I really must also applaud a brand who takes an interest in more than their product

Here are some of my top tips

Hydration. To keep Tadgh hydrated I’ve made sure to give him plenty of water throughout the day, a rule of thumb os tbey should be getting about 50% extra liquids.  I also purchased some ice lolly moulds and made some juices up for extra hydration. One of his fav combinations (and mine) is mango, raspberry and orange juice. Simply blitz them together and freeze




Clothing is key (or lack of!) I’ve stripped Tadgh down to the basics, a t shirt and a nappy. His room can be quite warm so he wears the same to bed.

Chill Out. It can be a struggle to keep his bedroom cool. Our baby monitor has a built in thermometer and it actually set off the alarm one day that it was too hot. To try and avoid this we’ve kept the window open all day. His cot is usually pushed up against the wall but ensure good air circulation, we’ve pulled it out into the middle of the room.


Hats On. Now I know it can be a struggle with some little ones to leave a hat on but I think its so essential to protect their heads. I’m lucky that Tadgh will leave his on, particularly because he is so fair. We’ve got a straw one which along with being super cute is great as its cooler than a fabric hat and also protects his eyes and ears. We also have one for when he is swimming which has a flap that also protects his neck from the sun



A Dip. We’re lucky to have a river beside our house which we spent every summer in growing up so I was delighted to be able to continue the tradition with Tadgh. Its not too deep so he could comfortably sit in it keeping him nice and cool. I also had a plastic box with some water in it (no fancy pools around our house ) that he would sit and play in at home to keep cool. I’d always keep it in the shade and also ensure that the water wasn’t too cold for him either




Sunscreen This is probably the most obvious but sunscreen is a must, I chose a sunscreen of factor 50 suitable for sensitive skin.  I also checked that it was broad spectrum, meaning it protects against both UVA and UVB rays, with a minimum star rating of 4.

Change your Routine For me I believe the best skincare tip in this particular heatwave is to just try and avoid the sun in the middle of the day. So we’ve changed around our routine, we go for an early morning walk while its cool and try stay inside while the sun is at its strongest. When it wasn’t as warm as the current 30 degrees, we did use a UV tent  outside but this probably would’t work as well for Tadgh now as getting him to stay in the one place for longer than 2 minutes can be a struggle




I really hope you find my tips useful

Happy Hols



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