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My first year as a Mother….. What I learned

This week WaterWipes sent me some information that said that this is the birth peak week in Ireland. It made me consider that in a little over a few weeks that my own little man will be blowing out his first birthday candles. This brings up so many emotions, mainly one of complete disbelief that a year has almost gone by. People have always said that the time will fly but never did I think that it would go by just as fast as it did.

So I’ve decided to put together a post on what I’ve learned this past year that may be useful to any new Mammys. Now I must say that in all the years I’ve spent in education I don’t think there has been a year when I learned as much as I did since Tadgh was born. Now to be fair I had a lot to learn, to say I was clueless is possibly the understatement of the year….. I’m not quite sure whether my low point was asking the sales assistant if the baby would go in the bottom of the buggy (this I learned quite quickly was for the shopping) or asking Aoife what clothes babies wear!

So here are some of the things that I either wish I knew a year ago or things I learned along the way

  • You can’t spoil a newborn, take as many cuddles as you like because very soon they will be flying around the place and won’t want to stop for cuddles
  • Introduce books early. Ok this is the teacher in me but I’ve given Tadgh books for the past few months and I actually can’t believe it myself but now he will pull them out himself and look at the pictures. Sometimes he will even climb up on my knee for me to read them (This melts my heart every time!!)
  • So many books and articles I read talked about bathing babies as part of a bedtime routine, bathtime is not the easiest so take it with a pinch of salt. Twice/Three times a week is grand
  • Get a play pen. For two reasons I say this, one is that when you need to leave the room it’s a safe place and secondly it’s just so handy for keeping all their toys together.
  • 20180725_150346
  • You’ll eventually know their different cries, the amount of times I heard that I’ll know Tadghs different cries when he was born that I started to worry when I didn’t recognise the difference but after some time I did. So don’t stress yourself, things take time
  • Guidelines are only guidelines, no two babies are the same. Some will be bigger, some will be smaller. Some will get teeth early, some will get them late. Some will crawl at 6 months others will crawl at 10.
  • Its ok to let them cry, within reason obviously. Sometimes Tadgh does not want to go to sleep during the day although I know hes really tired. He’ll cry for a little while and then nod off, I know it’s for the best as he needs his sleep but it can be tough not to pick him up sometimes, particularly so if we have visitors
  • Always have some WaterWipes handy. I’m talking the changing table, the kitchen table, the car, the changing bag and the coffee table!


  • Take everything you see on social media with a pinch of salt. It can be the best resource for advice and ideas but it can also put serious pressure on you when you see picture perfect Mams out for coffee with their newborns. I probably had this image that I’d be going for walks and coffees in town with Tadgh like I seen others do online but to be honest that just wasn’t me, I’m as happy in my tracksuit going for a walk down the road.
  • Take time to sit down and enjoy them. Yes, your house will be messy at times, but it will get cleaned at some stage and after that it will get dirty again so just make the most of the little moments
  • You don’t need to spend a fortune on clothes or expensive toys. I bought some 20180801_125519pricey clothes at the beginning and some he ended up wearing only once. I’ve actually found that some of the budget brands can actually wear better and are also a lot more practical and comfortable. Tadgh lives in tracksuit bottoms as he’s not restricted at all in them. These dungarees were quite expensive and so cute on him but he wore them twice, yep just twice!! The same goes for toys, one day I was away and bought this all bells and whistles keyboard to play with. He looked at it for all of five minutes, I believe he has spent more time playing with some wooden spoons and saucepans than he has with it
  • Take lots of photos, they change so quickly and so much. I can’t believe how much Tadgh has lost his baby face and he’s not even a year yet. Take pictures of everything too from they’re tiny toes to cute nose.
  • Make sure you are in the photos, this is one thing I regret. I never asked anyone to take one of me. Instead I’ve loads of everyone else with him and although I love them all I’d just love a few more with me in them (The ones I have used here are about all I have!!)
  • Do you. People will love giving advice but just do you. You know your baby best
  • Finally don’t feel guilty for wanting or enjoying some time to yourself, afterall a happy mammy is a happy baby

This post is kindly sponsored by Waterwipes, they are one of the brands that I have stuck with all year and will continue to do so. They are available in most supermarkets and pharmacys. They are actually running a fab competition to win a professional Family & Baby photoshoot at the minute. Super easy to enter too all you’ve to do is say what excites you most about your little ones birthday. You can check it out at the below link and the comp closes on Monday.

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