Wedding bling (rings!) Rocks Jewellers.

Engagement rings and wedding bands are one of the bigger single purchases made for the ‘big day’. Things like budget, style, quality, uniqueness all come into consideration. Louise’s engagement ring was made bespoke by Michael in Rocks, it was designed by Louise’s husband (brownie points). It’s a beautiful 3 diamond set ring. My ring is one from the predesigned ‘Rocks Collection’ engagement rings.

Important to note that this is not a paid/sponsored post – we are sharing our experience of Rocks Jewellers, an Irish run family business. Weddings can be so overwhelming, getting your perfect rings doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, in fact it was definitely one of the nicer experiences and one of my favourite memories of our wedding planning.

My search for my engagement ring was pretty quick to be honest – I went off the recommendation from Louise and her husband, they got both their wedding bands and engagement rings from Rocks, years before Two Broke Divas existed. I remember when Louise’s husband was chatting about designing the ring (I had a million questions for him!) he spoke really highly of Rocks’ staff. He had shopped around and went to many different jewellery shops before deciding, he went back to Rocks to get that all important ring! I remember him saying he really liked the atmosphere and staff in Rocks so once I got engaged Rocks was the first place that I thought of. (Louise’s husband has good taste and wouldn’t send me wrong!). I had also spotted that Charlene Flanagan Make Up got her ring in Rocks and one of the girls in school got her ring made bespoke in Rocks and it is one of the most beautiful engagement rings I have ever seen.

My husband knew I’d rather choose my ring so he completely left me to my own devices! I only needed one visit to Rocks, Michael took care of me with the help of Ciara. I was in and out in 30 mins! I knew I wanted a solitaire but instead of a normal straight band on the ring I went for one with a little twist which I still adore, my wedding band sits into the twist perfectly, I love the overall look.

I know I’ve mentioned this loads before but I broke my ring finger years ago. I never got it set so the back of my knuckle really sticks out, it’s at least two sizes bigger than the rest of my ring finger. To get around this Michael put a horseshoe attachment on the inside of the bottom of my ring. I’m not an expert but I’d explain it as an additional strip of metal that makes the ring more snug once it gets over the knuckle. Michael also suggested I get my wedding ring and engagement ring soldered together to try prevent spinning – this works a dream! I really like the look of it aswell especially because both bands slot into each other perfectly. Can you spot my rings in my bouquet??

I went with my husband when he was choosing his band, once again we dealt with Michael. My poor husband was not able! I can’t blame him either, there were so many options and finishes available. Michael was so patient, my husband went back and forward a good few times but finally settled on a simple brushed silver wedding band. It was/is perfect! Of course there was another little drama – we are a couple with awkward hands – my husbands hands swell depending on temperature but Michael measured him up perfectly to allow for this. Don’t know how he did it but his ring isn’t loose in the cold, and isn’t too tight in the heat – sorcery!

Michael really put my husband at ease, they had a good laugh during the process too which calmed my husbands jitters! Michael gave us an excellent restaurant recommendation for afterwards, another memory I’m very fond of during our wedding planning process.

I’ve bought a good few things from Rocks over the years, not just our wedding bands. I’ve some gorgeous chains (disc chain/small triangle chain). They were around €30/€40 but I have them years and they are still perfect. I also got my bridesmaids earrings from there. Just simple diamond studs, super sparkly and a gorgeous gift for the girls (if I do say so myself!). My most recent purchase was a Rosefield watch with interchangeable straps – so handy to change up for different outfits!

If you are looking for that special ring both myself and Louise would highly recommend Rocks. They made the whole process so stress free. Their communication was excellent throughout – this was especially important when Louise was getting her bespoke ring made. We got a voucher with our rings for a free clean (always appreciated!). All round we just found the customer service to be top notch – credit where credit is due!

Any questions just pop us a DM on instagram.

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